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Mannai Investment V Eagle Star

18 Another equally poignant remark was made by Lord Hoffmann in Mannai Investment Co Ltd v Eagle Star Life Assurance Co Ltd [1997] AC 749 at 775: The meaning of words, as they would appear in a dictionary, and the effect of their syntactical arrangement, as it would appear in a grammar, is part of the material which.

. and it would have been read by the respondent as intending to terminate the tenancy in accordance with clause 2.2 of the tenancy agreement: see Mannai Investment Co Ltd v Eagle Star Life Assurance Co Ltd [1997] AC 749. For these reasons, in my judgment, the notice to quit took effect at the end of Friday 23 February”.

of Lords in Mannai Investment Co Ltd v Eagle Star Life Assurance Co Ltd (“ Mannai. Investment”), 34 ICSand Chartbrook. Under that approach, (a) the terms of a written contract must ordinarily be given their plain meaning unless that would result in an absurdity or commercial nonsense; (b) if it is alleged that the parties.

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Secretary of State for the Environment, Food & Rural Affairs v Meier [2009] UKSC 11 Lord Rodger, Lord Walker, Lady Hale, Lord Neuberger, Lord Collins

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If the interpreter should have recognized the mis-design of the utterance then the otherwise apparent meaning is no longer reasonably apparent and the communicator cannot be held to it: Mannai Investments Co Ltd v. Eagle Star Life Assurance Co Ltd [1997] AC 749, discussed below in section 8. Where the interpreter is.

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of facts within which the contract came into existence, and to the parties' presumed intention. 17. Mannai Investment Co Ltd v Eagle Star Life Assurance Co Ltd [1997] AC 749, 768 per Lord Steyn. [Mannai v Eagle Star]. 18. See, for example, Watcham v AttorneyGeneral of the East Africa Protectorate [1919] AC 533, 538.

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The idea of interpreting contracts in line with “commercial common sense” began to appear in the early 1990s. In Mannai Investment Co. Ltd v Eagle Star Life Assurance7 Lord Steyn stated: “Words are therefore interpreted in the way in which a reasonable commercial person would construe them. And the standard of the.

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Apr 30, 2015. In considering the validity of a notice of this type, the Court applied the test in Mannai Investment Co Ltd v Eagle Star Life Assurance Co Ltd [1997] AC 749. The Court noted that under that test, the question asked is whether “a reasonable recipient, who is credited with knowledge of the terms of the lease,

Mannai Investments Ltd v Eagle Star Assurance Co Ltd [1997] AC 749 (HL). • Mors-Le Blanch v. Wilson (1873) L.R. 8 C.P. 227. • Naviera Amazonica Peruana SA v. Compania Internacional de Seguros del Peru [1988] 1. Lloyd's Rep 116. • Pacific Molasses Co and United Molasses Trading Co Ltd v Entre Rios Compania.

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Exclusion and limitation clauses in business contracts A presentation at 39 Essex Street on 07.10.09 by JONATHAN BELLAMY